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Choosing among the best wedding ring types

Choosing among the best wedding ring types

Wedding rings are the most valuable thing for both men and women who are going to be a newly nuptial couple soon. There are different wedding ring types accessible in the shops with diverse cuts and metals. It is as significant to find the accurate metal for an engagement ring as the diamond or gemstone it will hold. So, depending on your fiance’s gesture and looks, you have to know about the different engagement ring types, best wedding ring types metal and varieties of wedding ring cuts. For example, if she is haggard to cooler manners and silver-toned ornaments, then platinum or white gold is the best way to go. Yellow gold or rose gold are good selections if she inclines to settle toward warmer manners. Mixing metals like white gold and yellow gold is a clever alternative, because it will allow her to accompany any piece in her prevailing jewellery wardrobe. Even if you choose a warmer metal like yellow gold, setting the diamond in a white metal head (which grips the diamond in place) like platinum or white gold will emphasize the diamond, showing off its brilliance to glistening influence. The various wedding ring types have their own various options, so you have to choose the perfect one.

Various wedding ring types metal

Choosing among the best wedding ring types

Platinum is a white metal which has a cool gleam that cabinet the smartness and vivacity of diamonds attractively. It’s a prevalent choice for engagement ring types and wedding bands, and is measured the most expensive of all jewellery metals. Compared to gold, platinum is five times as infrequent and uncontaminated when used in jewellery? It is hard-wearing, constructing it is a good choice if your bride hints an active lifestyle — its compactness delivers a sheltered situation for diamonds or gemstones. It is also certainly hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice for those with delicate skin.

Most commonly used metal for different wedding ring types

Choosing among the best wedding ring types

Gold is not only an exceptionally versatile metal but also the most common choice for jewellery. The normal measurement of gold is a karat which is shared into 24 parts. Pure gold is surely 24 karats; sense 24 out of 24 parts are gold. Pure gold is so soft that it cannot be used in jewellery directly. So it is mixed up with other metal alloys to increase its strength. You’ll find 22K gold, but most frequently gold comes in 18K (75% gold), 14K (58% gold) and 10K (about 42% gold). The rest is made up of other metals to lend strength and durability — like silver, copper, nickel and zinc. The type and proportion of metal alloys used to govern the dimness and color of gold. For example, 22K gold inclines to be a rich, soaked gold color, while 14K gold may seem as a to some extent paler yellow. Its sophisticated lustre will not fade or alteration color over time, constructing re-plating your platinum ring superfluous. Because of its strength, it’s a widespread prime for setting diamonds.

Different wedding ring types in gold

Classic but fashionable, yellow gold attains its warm discoloration from the red of copper and the green hue of silver. Though yellow gold lost errand to white gold for a while, it has in recent time reclaimed admiration. Being fashionable than yellow gold, white gold acquires its silvery white appeal from combining yellow gold with copper, zinc and nickel (or palladium). It’s gilded with a firm component called rhodium (a platinum group metal), which costs about four times as much as platinum. It resists scratches and defilement, and gives white gold a brooding look. However, it may wear away over time, necessitating a quick trip to your jeweller for re-plating. Rose gold is very much exclusive and quixotic. It has a warm, pink hue which is created by coalescing yellow gold with a copper alloy. The overall percentages of metal alloys are the same for rose gold as they are for yellow or white. Actually, it’s just a dissimilar concoction of alloys. Green gold that is uncommon and nature-inspired has a soft, pale green color. The colour is fashioned by mingling yellow gold with silver, copper and zinc. Using green gold along with rose and white gold gives an exciting, diverse tri-color look.

Choosing among the best wedding ring types

An overview on Wedding ring cuts

Shape discusses to the form a diamond looks when observed from the top. Cutting is a portion of the equilibrium and percentage of the diamond, which affects its vivacity. They refer to two very dissimilar traits of a diamond but many people use the terms interchangeably.

Different wedding engagement party games for you

Different wedding engagement party games for you

The engagement parties are a memoir of a lifetime. They are for both the bride and the bridegroom to be and also their family and friends.  Hence these parties should be made interesting as well as engaging. Wedding engagement party games are the best way to keep the guests engaged as well as make the celebration eventful. Another aim of such parties should be to bring the family members of both the side close and help them come to know each other. Generally the couple to be will be busy with other planning and executions; hence any of the family members or close friends can plan the engagement party games and activities. But remember to always consult the couple as they should be aware what’s about to come. To plan some of the best engagement party games, below you will find some of the best party games for wedding engagement. The whole motive is to enjoy and have fun, so keeping the games tasteful and engaging.

Best wedding engagement party games

The couple must have invited the guest as per their list. Some couples keep their event small and private and others invite a whole lot of guests. Whatever be the case, always try and engage most of them with wedding engagement party games. If the guest list is big then divide them into groups and teams and thus you will be able to engage all with some of the engagement party games for large groups.

  1. Wedding engagement party games on how well the family members or friends know the Bride and Groom?
  • This is one of the very engaging and fun engagement party games for large groups, keeping everybody alert and answering.
  • Make a set of ten to twenty questions on the groom and the bride individually and also take the answers beforehand.
  • Ask the family members or the friends about these questions, like favorite place, or hobby or band and let them answer.
  • You may arrange it in team wise and the team who answers most of them is declared the winner.
  • You may ask them to write down separately and check for the winner at the end. The winner gets some party favors.

Different wedding engagement party games for you

2) Guessing the Couple

  • This game can also be played in a group or individually.
  • Make a bowl full of couple names, they may be famous or from family.
  • An individual comes forward and asks the rest of the teams to guess the couple.
  • The guesser can ask upto 20 sets of clue questions to recognize the couple and boil down to one answer.
  • The winner is the team who answers in least number of questions.

3) Knowing your guests

  • As the couple to narrate special facts or uniqueness of each guest
  • Make a list and make many copies of this list.
  • Hand the list over to most guests and ask them to write the name of the guest beside each of these special facts, characters or uniqueness for which they are famous for.
  • The person who answers the most is the winner.
  • The objective of such engagement party games and activities is to let everybody know each other.

4)  Questions for the newly wedded couple

  • This game divides the full group into two big groups. One that of bride’s side and other that of groom’s side
  • Each guest is allowed to write a question for the opponent team. Like the bride’s side guest may ask the grooms side about the bride’s favorite actor, or name of the first pet.
  • A white board is set up for everyone to look at except the couple.
  • Questions are asked one by one, first to the bride then the groom.
  • They write the answers on the board and then later the answers are matched.
  • The side wins who gets the most correct answers.

Different wedding engagement party games for you

5)  Set of two true and one lie statement

  • This game engages the whole group and can be played instantaneously.
  • Each guest speaks three statements about himself or herself. Like I love pink, I love pets, I love shopping.
  • Out of this two should be true and one should be a complete lie.
  • The others in the group will have to guess the statement which is a lie actually.
  • This is the best way to let the group know each other and instantaneously gel.
  • This is one of the best engagement party games for a big group.

Different wedding engagement party games for you

Other games can also be included like picture matching or questions based on couples past. Such games will always help to know the couple as well as the family members and friends. The object of such games is always to let everyone open up and know each other. Weddings do bring the couple close but weddings are also for the family and friends to know each other. At the end they only make the support group.

Health benefits of wedding bands for her

wedding ring for her

Wedding bands stand out as a symbol of togetherness and love for two individuals. It has always been considered to be one of the most vital parts of a wedding ceremony since immemorial. But there are certain unknown facts about wedding rings that make them all the more imperative for a person. Wedding rings are bestowed with several health benefits as such. This is one quality of these bands that is actually unknown to most people. These bands are said to have certain medicinal properties that can impose a lot of beneficial effects on the body of an individual. Thus when you select wedding bands for her, you can be assured of the fact that you are not just pleasing her emotionally, but even taking care of her physically.

Health benefits of wedding bands for her

Medicinal effects of wedding bands for her

Keeping the medicinal effects of bands in mind, let us take a look at some of the most beneficial effects that these bands can have on the body of a woman:

Neurological effect – According to ancient beliefs, the ring finger of a person is said to be situated right on the energy meridians that are connected to the kidneys. When your finger is placed within the circuit of the ring, the flow of energy within your body is said to be intensified after a certain point of time. This in turn helps in keeping your nerves quite healthy and receptive. It is thus advisable not to select cheap wedding bands for her for the ultimate day as they might not have any sort of positive effect on her body.

Reliefs pain – When you think of choosing diamond wedding bands for her, try and move a step ahead and opt for a titanium one. According to recent researches, titanium is known to have certain medicinal effects. Wearing a titanium band on your finger can help you get relieved of any sort of physical pain that you might be experiencing. This idea has basically been derived out of medical science where titanium is used in various surgical procedures to relief the pain patients go through.

Health benefits of wedding bands for her

Titanium bands promote good health – If cost is not a barrier for you, try and avoid getting cheap wedding bands for her. Try and chose titanium wedding bands for her as by doing so you will be laying down a path for her to lead a healthy and a happy life. Titanium helps balance the electromagnetic energy that flows within the body. It is this balance that actually helps you have a health body and mind at all times. It cures of several kinds of physical complications like a constant feeling of dizziness at all times, headaches, stiffness in shoulders and neck etc. Titanium maintains the electric waves within the body and brings about an improvement in the nervous system.

The close link between body and metal – Scientific research has proved the fact that there is a close connection between metal and the health of human body. In fact the well-being of an individual can be detected in accordance to the amount of metal that a person wears on his or her body. Be it selecting diamond wedding bands for her or rings of any other quality, you can be assured of the fact that you are actually doing her a lot of good. A wedding band on the finger, acts as a closed circuit that enables in the great and proper functioning of the nervous system in the body.

Health benefits of wedding bands for her

Acts a mode of procreation – By selecting the right quality of wedding bands for her you are developing a path of increased procreation for your partner. The presence of a wedding band on the body of an individual is said to bring about an increase in the sexual desires of a woman. This is something that acts as a positive point as procreation is one of the prime reasons and results of marriage. This is carried out as a word from the old traditions where rings were used as methods to bring about an increase in the sexual desires of both partners and give birth to a number of children.

The advancement of science has undoubtedly paved the way of well-being for people to a great extent. In case you are skeptical about choosing the best in terms of quality, acquaint yourself with the benefits that you and your partner can actually get to derive from it. It is through this analysis that you might get to understand the importance of these products.

Tips to buy wedding rings for men

wedding ring for couple

Wedding rings have been playing a vital role in marriages since ages now. It has through the years stood out as a symbol of devotion and love. If you take a look at the Egyptian history, rings have great significance. They are known to be symbols of eternity with the center of the ring indicating towards something unknown that awaits you in the near future. Coming back to the significance of the rings in the recent times, they have become a vital part of every wedding ceremony. In fact the idea of beginning a wedding ceremony without exchanging rings has become something obsolete. Wedding rings for men are something that is being paid a lot of attention to in the recent times unlike the supreme attention that was forever given to the accessories of the bride. The market is currently overflowing with options for men ranging from gold wedding rings for men all the way to titanium wedding rings for men.

Tips to buy wedding rings for men

Tips to ensure that you choose the right wedding rings for men

Buying a wedding ring is actually not as easy as it seems. To help you out with the process, let us take a look at a few things that might make the process of choosing wedding rings for men convenient as well as cost effective.

Begin with an early start – When in need of the perfect platinum wedding rings for men or gold wedding rings for men, start with an early search. This will give you a lot of time to look for the perfect piece of accessory that you desire for. In case you start looking for the perfect band right before your wedding you might end up with a ring that might not be your immediate choice. Thus it is necessary to give the search a bit of time.

Choose a ring that might be appropriate for the lifestyle of your partner – Before you begin with the task of looking for wedding rings for men, you must be aware of the lifestyle of the person. This will help you choose a product of the appropriate quality. If the person is into some sort of strenuous task that involves the usage of his hands to a great extent, platinum wedding rings for men would definitely not be the right choice for him. It is due to this fact that it is essential to get assured of the lifestyle the man is into on a daily basis.

Tips to buy wedding rings for men

Prefer going together to get the accessory – It is advisable for the bride and the groom to be together while selecting the wedding bands. This will ascertain the fact that both get accessories of their own choices. This is something that makes the task of choosing the right product much easier for you. It relieves you from racking your brains for days thinking of the right kind of band to get hold of.

Cost should be taken into consideration but not always – The last thing that you would do is consider cutting down the expenditure by looking for rings or bands at cheaper prices. It is certain that titanium wedding rings for men are bound to be expensive and so is gold. Try never to compromise on the quality of the ring by looking at its price. Weddings bands are a onetime investment and shelling out a handsome sum of money for the man of your life can always be worth it.

Tips to buy wedding rings for men

Size should be prioritized – The imperative fact that you need to keep in mind while selecting a wedding band is the accuracy in the size of the ring. It can be a matter of great embarrassment if you do not get the size of your partner’s ring right during the time of the ceremony. This is one of the prime reasons that make the selection of the wedding rings together a vital thing.

In case you cannot manage sufficient amount of time required to get the bands for the ultimate day, you can always have a look at the never ending range of products that are being offered by a large number of portals online. You are bestowed with the option of selecting some of the most amazing bands in accordance to the accurate size that you need. This frees you from the aggravation of having to spend a great deal of time outdoors looking for a ring of the perfect design and quality. The recent market has made this task quite easy for you in the recent times.

How to choose wedding engagement gifts

Perfect Gift

Buying wedding engagement gifts can at times turn out to be a matter of hassle while at other times it might be an easy thing to deal with. There are in fact times when we are confused about the gift that we are about to give. Though when we look for a gift we do get to see quite an exquisite variety in terms of choices, we are often skeptical about the fact as to which would be a better option for the couple.

How to choose wedding engagement gifts

Attending a wedding engagement party without a gift is definitely something unacceptable at any point of time. Here is a list of ideas that might actually help you out and make the task comparatively easier for you.

Taking a gift is not an essential

Taking a gift to engagement parties are not an absolute essential. The purpose of an engagement is to primarily celebrate the new bond that is about to be created between two people. It is a celebration that is done to announce the commencement of a new life which awaits the couple. But there are some people who actually do not believe in this conventional idea of not giving wedding engagement party gifts. It is advisable for such people to stick on to gifts that are related to the wedding. You can always opt to present the pair with a bottle of exotic wine. You can also opt for beautiful wedding engagement rings that are available in the recent market in large varieties.

How to choose wedding engagement gifts

Tips that help choose the right wedding engagement gifts

When you are thinking of impressing the couple with the gift, you must be sure of about the likings and the disliking of the two people. Once you are aware of the fact, you can easily make that reflect on the gifts that you present them with. In this case you must be aware of a few things:

Things they enjoy doing together – In case of every couple there are certain things that they love doing together. It can be – any indoor activity to several outdoor activities! Knowing their preferences can always help you choose wedding engagement party gifts accordingly. You can settle down for an activity package that you can gift them as a whole and they might probably love it.

The entire journey of their love – This is definitely one thing that will open a number of doors for you in case of wedding engagement gifts. You can present them with gifts like photo collages that depict the entire journey of their love through certain photographs that you incorporate in there. In this case make sure that you pick up stuffs that might be related to some of the most special moments that have been spent by them. Through this you will be helping them relive their special moments from the past.

How to choose wedding engagement gifts

The character of the couple – It is here that most people tend to mess up with the wedding engagement gifts that they choose for the engaging pair. In case you are not aware of the character of the couple, you might end up choosing a gift that is of the exact opposite type of what they might have loved. To avoid any sort of confusion in this field, make it a point that you are well aware of the various aspects of the couple’s character. You can always reflect this afterwards on the type of gift that you present them with.

Getting hold of the right piece of gift for a wedding engagement party can really get confusing if you do not have an idea about the pair. You end up looking like a complete fool if you present them with a gift that is exactly opposite to their likings and taste. Figurines can also be a great option apart from wedding engagement rings. Given the fact that there has been a steady rise in the number of web portals in the recent times, choosing the right gift is no longer a strenuous task. All that you need to do is look for an appropriate place from where you can avail them. Try and look for impersonalized gifts as they will help you make a safer choice at any point of time.

Choosing the right gift will let you be a part of the happy moments that the pair relives before their wedding. It is in fact a way to let your loved ones know how much they matter. It is a way of showing that certain people do mean a lot to you.

Best Wedding Party Design

wedding party

Wedding is an auspicious occasion, and it is probably one of the biggest occasions of our lives. When you decide to marry someone, it is time to celebrate the joy with everyone. Friends and relative will give you blessing for the second innings of your life. Thus, a social gathering is a part and parcel of a wedding. For that, you need to find some innovative ideas to throw a party to guests. For wedding party design, various contemporary concepts are coming up. You would love these concepts. So, if you are planning for your wedding party, find some excellent concepts or innovative ideas here in the following article.

Some useful tips for wedding party design

Best wedding party design ideas

A wedding party should be planned properly otherwise it may become complete mess. The guests have to be attended individually by the couple otherwise it may turn boring. Moreover, good hospitality from couples can compensate a few drawbacks of a party. So, before arranging a party, you need to learn the art of giving warm hospitality to the guests. Now, let us come t the party themes or decoration ideas. A perfectly big fat wedding party should have lur4ing decoration that can clinch instant appreciations from guests. Not just decoration, but innovative concept matters a lot. So, if you are searching for ideas for wedding party themes, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Choose Modern LED Lighting

When it comes to wedding party design tips, the most valuable suggestion is opting for LED lighting instead of traditional lighting. For a wedding party, lights are important. There should be full of lights, perfectly planned to add glittering feel to the whole party. Without posh lighting, no wedding party can be arranged successfully. Arranging lights is not a difficult thing. But, still you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, using LED lights is safer than traditional lights. Secondly, LED lights can save your cost for electricity. Thirdly, LED lights are more soothing to eyes than other types of traditional lighting arrangements. For all these reasons, LED lights are often chosen. So, if you have a wedding party to arrange, always plan the party theme with various types of LED lights. The best thing that no matter what is your party theme, LED lights are perfectly poised for more or less all kinds of wedding party themes.

wedding decoration

  1. Tie Ribbons and Balloons

When it comes to innovative wedding party ideas, an experience wedding planner may give you a lot of options. But, regardless of the theme idea, wedding decoration is incomplete without balloons and ribbons. Colorful balloons and ribbons add special charm to a wedding party. These are simple thing, which are not at all costly. But adding them would prove your tastefulness before the guests. So, design wedding themes with precision, including the hint of tradition with balloons and ribbons. For innovative wedding party ideas, you can find a good professional wedding planner.

  1. Add Water Features

For wedding ceremony decoration, you can add some innovative water features to your party. Water features, like fountains are truly elegant additions for any wedding party. Nice fountains look apt and classy for an event like wedding. Apart from traditional style fountains, you can also find some innovative options. Trying out these contemporary water fountains is not a bad thing at all. Your wedding party will become more elegant before guests, and they will surely appreciate your attempt of adding tastefulness to the whole wedding party decor. This is a simple idea for wedding party decoration, but it is surely an excellent idea to look unique and classier then other wedding parties.

  1. Plan the Dinner Items with Precision

The biggest part of guest hospitality is arranging good food at the wedding party. Foods should be selected as per the wedding party design. In other words, wedding theme should match with the foods that you have arranged or planned for the guests. For selection of wedding party foods, you have plenty of choices. For this regard, it is always better to discuss with your wedding planner. Good wedding planner should give you some good ideas for foods. Along with starters and main course dishes, there should the finest desserts to be savored. Without good food, wedding party is incomplete.

Some useful tips for wedding party design

  1. Addition of Candles

Candles add nice charm to a wedding party. If there is a small pool inside your wedding venue, then you should add candles to light up the water pool. Candles can also be added to various other places. However, the most important thing here is ensuring safety or security. With candles, there is every chance of possible fire hazards. This is why they should be used limitedly and they must be installed at some of the strategic place, where chance of fire hazards is zero. So, add candles to your wedding ceremony decoration and make the party perfectly themed.

Top wedding engagement party ideas for you

wedding lunch

Traditionally, wedding engagement is considered as an auspicious occasion. This is the event, when couple expresses their willingness for staying together, and friends or family members shower blessing and good wishes on them. Contemporary perception of wedding engagement has not changed at all. Couple, in love, invites friends and relatives on engagement party to announce that they are planning for binding knots together. Though idea of organizing engagement has not changed, style of organizing engagement has changed drastically. Wedding engagements are now celebrated with more enthusiasm and glee, with innovative wedding engagement party ideas. This article will guide you on a few fascinating and innovative engagement celebration ideas.

Best wedding engagement party ideas

When it comes to wedding engagement party ideas, it seems that innovation has no limit. Different people come up with different ideas. Successfully finding out innovative ideas helps to double the happiness. This is why people probably look for unique as well as feasible wedding engagement planning concepts. You can solely work upon your own concept or you can also hire professional party or event organizations for unique, exclusive and seamless engagement parties. So, it is now the time to check out some fun engagement celebration ideas:

Top wedding engagement party ideas for you

  1. Wine Tasting Party

An occasion becomes elegant and more sophisticated with the presence of wine. When it comes to engagement party, you cannot ignore wine. In fact, you can represent wine in your party in an innovative way. For that reason, wine tasting party is good idea for engagement. Taste your favorite wine and give yourself mouth littering treat. At the same time, your guests will definitely like it. Wine tasting party could be an expensive idea, and thus you need to plan it with precision. If you are seeking low budget solutions for wedding engagement party themes, then wine tasting party is not the best deal.

  1. Rooftop Engagement Party

If you are thinking something exotic for your wedding engagement party themes, then surely rooftop party is a good idea. Choose a nice location for arranging your rooftop party, and it should be exotic or out of the world. You can choose a posh hotel at countryside or a hotel at a calm hill station. The more exotic natural ambiance is, the better your party will be. For a rooftop party, you need small number of guest. If rooftop is too crowded then it may become boring as well as uncomfortable for all guests. Another notable thing is that choosing a location out the town may cause communication gaps with guests. You need to arrange pickup and drop services for all guests.

  1. Chocolate and Champagne Party

Engagement is a special occasion and hence you need to arrange for something special, unique and exotic. Many people often get confused and ideas seem to get limited when it comes to wedding engagement dinner ideas. The dinner should match the theme of your party. For example, if it is a beach party, then dinner should be exotic sea foods or continental dishes. But, if you are thinking about something unique, then chocolate and champagne themed party could be excellent idea. Obviously guests will love champagne and chocolate, along with other dinner arrangements. Mostly importantly, presence of these two precious items will make your engagement party special and precious.

Chocolate Champagne Party

  1. BBQ Engagement Party

Everyone loves to savor fresh, spiced and hot BBQ meats. So, why not make your engagement party turn into a perfect BBQ party. It will additionally keep you free of anxieties regarding wedding engagement dinner ideas. Breads, BBQ meats, salad, sauce, etc. will definitely be loved by your guests. Furthermore, in BBQ, you should keep different types of meats, including turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, etc. The more variation of meats that you can give, your guests will feel better. A barbecue themed engagement party is worth enjoying and your guests will surely appreciate.

  1. Beach Engagement Party

When it comes to party ideas for engagement, beach party is pretty famous and common. Hence, no prize is there for this type of party idea, as it is already popular. Though it is common, but it is famous and popular – people just love beach themed parties. So, it can still be regarded as one of the best wedding engagement party ideas. In a beach themed party, you have several things to include for the satisfaction of guests. Though the idea of beach party is common, but you can make it unique with some innovative additions. There should be an awesome cake, private area to enjoy bathing in sea water, yachts for sea ride, wine, excellent dinner, campfire and many more.

Top wedding engagement party ideas for you

  1. Party on a Cruise

Make your engagement party more enjoyable to the guests with a party on the cruise. A cruise is a luxurious ship, where should enough places to hold a small party. Cruises also offer accommodation, but in limited number. Overall, it is unique and surely a good idea to arrange an engagement party at a luxurious cruise.

Wedding Ring Buying Guide

wedding ring buying guide

A wedding ring is supposed to be the first step to wedlock. Exchanging the rings we are suppose to lock our wedding and our love. So it ought to be special. There are so many other points to deal before a wedding that spending huge amount of time wondering how to pick out a wedding ring is not creditable enough. So here is a short guide to choose the best wedding ring from the rest.

How to pick out a wedding ring

How to pick out a wedding ring that wows everyone

  • Explore your fiancé’s style: the top most priority is to understand and respect your fiancé’s fashion preference. It’s always advisable not to jump into a conclusion and invest blindly into the costliest piece when trying to pick outjewelry Since he or she will be carrying the ring for a lifetime, research well as to the taste and liking of your fiancé. It’s a famous proverb that a diamond is a women’s best friend but nowadays people prefer something diverse and innovative. You may gift other precious stone rather than pick out diamond ring . The band you choose should match with the stone. The metal can be anything from white gold, yellow gold to platinum. Just try to delight your wedding partner by gifting what they have always dreamt of.
  • Try to keep it a surprise: many would be couple spend time shopping for the ring together. Lately the trend was to exchange bands with similar stone, metal and from the same brand. But nothing better than seeing the amazing blush on your fiancé’s cheeks, hopefully the pleasant one. Always be thoughtful and romantic while picking the affordable engagement rings. You may check out their preference by articulating something completely different and see the reaction. But don’t speak the originality of the ring.
  • Research well as to know your fiancé’s Ring size: the last thing on earth you would like to do is spending time exchanging the ring. To ignore the last minute rush, start researching the ring size way ahead of your D day. You may try and take the help of your would be in-laws. Or for the matter of fact start strengthening your relationship with your sister in law or brother in law with shopping for the ring together. Common friends can be helpful too. Ask them to either hand you over some old ring of your fiancé or best will be to pick outjewelry from her latest ring collection. . This can never go wrong, as you don’t want to screw yourself searching for the ring fallen off from his or her fingers while the ring exchange ceremony. So, knowing how to pick out a wedding ring is important.
  • Budget your jewelry shopping: first thing first, always plan the amount you want to spend on the wedding ring. There is no harm in planning an affordable engagement rings and spend the extra bucks in your honeymoon destination. Planning your budget will also help you to narrow down your selection when you enter the jewelry shop. The stone size, the metal of the band will all depend on the budget. When you state your budget to the sales person at the shop, he or she will be more adept to advice you. But keep it in mind not to compromise on your choice since this ring will be for forever. It’s not always the amount of money that matters, but the love and concern with which you choose the ring matters a lot.

How to pick out a wedding ring

  • Selecting the quality of the stone: choosing a diamond ring is always the safest and easiest. If you have decided to go for a diamond, always check on the four C’s. Carat weight, color, clarity and cut. These factors will also depend on your budget since the weight or size of the stone does matter on the depth of your pocket. Along with the Carat weight, see the color and the cut you want. Also check for the clarity as clarity is directly proportionate to the quality of diamond. Knowing how to pick out a wedding ring will always ease out the wedding process. As for other precious stones too, these for 4 C’s matters a lot, though the color will be fixed for colors precious stone. You may choose a turquoise, or a ruby red. You may also gift according to sun sigh and the stone that suits the most. Also if you are to pick out diamond ring, it comes in different shapes, like round, princess, pear, oval or heart shape. Also the stone settings are different, Tiffany setting, Bezel setting, eternity bands. Research well before you go out to shop, you may even try online shopping.

How to pick out a wedding ring

Selecting the best ring and as per the desire of your partner is a matter of luck to. There are other factors too after the purchase. Like to insure the ring and the stone, keep the bill of the ring well protected, know the exchange policy, choosing the brand you want to purchase. Hopefully the points mentioned above help you to go choose the best.

Best Wedding Trip Ideas

Best wedding trip ideas

Are you fond of traveling? Is it same for your partner too? If the answer is yes, then you can think about the wedding trip ideas. This is best for those people who love the thrill of various adventures. Are you continuously dreaming of visiting some new places with your partner? Then complete your wedding function while you are travelling around the world. Sounds interesting? Then incorporate the travel theme with your wedding occasion. Carry some DIY feel, some maps and some few globes, with which you can do a beautiful and amazing wedding which will enhance the sense of your adventure.

Some gorgeous wedding trip ideas

In this article you will be able to get various beautiful wedding trip ideas to make your wedding special. These tips also go with the wedding anniversary trip ideas.

  • Global centerpieces:

You can use the globes as a highlighted stuff with some classic and vintage books. You can also carry some simple and plain name tags which will be an elegant and easy way to explain your guests about your honeymoon which is going to be the best one ever!

  • The beautiful suitcase cake:

This cake has both the features of fondant suitcases and maps for the incredible and amazing huge piece of beautiful art.

Best wedding trip ideas

Have you an immense love for your hometown? Then you can travel to your hometown to complete your entire wedding ceremony. This is also one of the best trip ideas for couples.

  • Wrapped Bouquets:

Flower is the most significant stuff for a wedding.  So you can choose this charming décor which is a bit inexpensive. So, try to wrap some beautiful flowers with the vintage maps.

  • Pin your place:

You can ask your guests to put any pin on the map from where they belong, instead of distributing any guestbook. This is really a cool way to show everyone about your globetrotting family. This article will give you many wedding trip ideas.

  • Cheery and Bright:

You can select the contrast trend to give your wedding a unique look. It will be very different and cool idea, if you choose various vibrant colors and some mismatched tableware which will add an instant charm in your wedding ceremony. You have to make sure that the globes which you have kept on the tables are not too long, as it can hamper the conversation session of the guests.

Best wedding trip ideas

  • Inspiration from the aviation:

Have you know anyone who has a tiny plane? You can easily hire that to make your wedding more unique and adventurous. You can embrace the spirit of the flight and can include the airstrip in to your wedding.

  • Make heart garlands from map:

Take some old maps and cut them in the shape of little heart and join them with a string. It will create a beautiful heart garland with which you can decorate your wedding room in a wonderful way.

  • Shoot your travelling wedding:

The memories of wedding are always very special for a couple. So, if you want to keep them framed in, then you can arrange a photo session while you are travelling at the time of your wedding. This will be the best memory which you will cherish forever. You can also use a little airfield to get some beautiful pictures. This is also applicable for the wedding anniversary trip ideas.

Best wedding trip ideas

  • Luggage tags:

You can use some elegant and classy baggage tags instead of escort card. It will be a perfect idea for your unique wedding.

  • Compass favors:

You can present compass that has been plated with gold to each of your guest as the return gift.  It will be a very pretty stuff for them.

  • Dessert table:

 You can decorate your dessert table with various cute and beautiful cakes. The colorful and creative desserts will enhance the charm of your wedding. The cutouts of the fondant city will make you amazed.

  • Send off notes:

You can allow your guests to write down the name of their favorite destination to help you out in choosing the best honeymoon place for you.

  • Invitation of your wedding:

The hand written letters and the color palette on the invitation card will be a very unique and modern way to invite someone.

  • Trunk décor:

If possible, then you can arrange some old trunks and put them around the bar, dessert table or the gift table. It will give a very classy and vintage look to your wedding venue.

  • Classic travel wedding:

Through this type of wedding you will be able to give your wedding a vintage look and feel.

  • Weekend trip ideas:

Before returning at your place, you can also go for a weekend trip. There are various Weekend trip ideas available on the internet; if necessary you can check them for once.  This can be also the best trip ideas for couples.

Thus, this article will be very helpful for the newly married couples and the couples who are going to get hitched very soon.

Best wedding engagement tips

wedding ring

The season of holidays has started already which means you are stepping on the season of engagement following the wedding planning. Now it is very usual to hear that people are talking about the enjoyment of the wedding planning, for which they have got engaged earlier. Because making various plans of the wedding is easier than dealing with the overwhelming tradeoffs, choices and all the dramas. This article will provide you some smart and catchy wedding engagement tips and you will also be able to get various wedding engagement party ideas.

Some catchy wedding engagement tips

 You must keep in your mind some points which are helpful for both of you and your fiancé. Here you will get some wedding engagement tips which you can try before the wedding engagement. The guidelines are given below-

Best wedding engagement tips

  • Communication is the key

Both of the partners should find some time to discuss about the possibilities of marriage. Before you are getting married, make sure that the feeling and the consent is mutual. You must discuss the issues and the matters surrounding the dreams, finance, children and many more aspects. You are going to enter in a life where all the decision will be joint and shared, so be prepared for it.

  • Share the reasons for getting engaged

Before the engagement make sure about all the reasons for sharing the rings. Do not jump in to the trap of marriage without discussing the reasons for which you want to get married. Try to share personal views of both about each other and just be sincere about the time and the approach style.

Best wedding engagement tips

Sharing the engagement ring is known as a lifelong commitment and promises by most women. So make sure that you are discussing about the purchasing of the wedding engagement rings or not. For men, be a gentleman and for the women stay honest.

  • Let your parents know

Before taking any big decision about the wedding, at first let your parents know about your choice. They can also help in giving you a proper direction towards your life.

Going about it

Here you will get various wedding engagement tips which will help you to complete the whole function in a proper way.

  • Get an aide

If you are not strong enough to say no to the stuffs which are not likeable, then you must appoint an aide who can give you some wedding engagement party ideas and can help you throughout the function. He or she will help you in everything which you want. Not only your best friend, you need a person who is very artistic and creative and can easily manage all the complicated situations. The planner of you will help you to manage every drama during the program with his or her proper skills. They will suggest you about all types of ideas like the looks of the wedding venues to wedding engagement photo ideas.

  • Try to know yourself

At the very first you must know about yourself because of two most important reasons. The first and foremost is, the things which are very significant for you but not for the conventional wedding, are less expensive in most of the time and the second one is most of the wedding planners offer a deposit which are non-refundable, so think deeply before committing. You must know that what exactly you want to do in your wedding, because more planning can ruin all the plans, so figure out the exact points which you need.

Best wedding engagement tips

  • Avoid following every suggestion

From the very beginning, you must have to try to avoid following all the suggestions which will be given by your well-wishers. Because more suggestions can make you puzzle and can ruin your own all plans. Try to adopt little ideas of them like – wedding engagement photo ideas etc.

So, if any friend or relative insists you to follow their ideas, try to suggest them to do that on their wedding or anniversary. You must know one thing that acknowledging any recommendation is not similar to adopt them. Just listen their ideas and follow your own.

  • Be outspoken about what is objectionable

You will get enough time before your engagement function. Check all the things which can be possible for you. It is better to be stay upbeat about the things which can be shunned. Are you anxious about any upcoming drama? Then just go and talk to those people who are involved in the program management, about the thing, which you do not want to be happened. You just make sure that you have talked to the speech givers at before of the function on what topic you do not want them to talk.

So, if you are sure enough about your engagement, just follow these tips to make your D-Day special.