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Top wedding engagement party ideas for you

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Traditionally, wedding engagement is considered as an auspicious occasion. This is the event, when couple expresses their willingness for staying together, and friends or family members shower blessing and good wishes on them. Contemporary perception of wedding engagement has not changed at all. Couple, in love, invites friends and relatives on engagement party to announce that they are planning for binding knots together. Though idea of organizing engagement has not changed, style of organizing engagement has changed drastically. Wedding engagements are now celebrated with more enthusiasm and glee, with innovative wedding engagement party ideas. This article will guide you on a few fascinating and innovative engagement celebration ideas.

Best wedding engagement party ideas

When it comes to wedding engagement party ideas, it seems that innovation has no limit. Different people come up with different ideas. Successfully finding out innovative ideas helps to double the happiness. This is why people probably look for unique as well as feasible wedding engagement planning concepts. You can solely work upon your own concept or you can also hire professional party or event organizations for unique, exclusive and seamless engagement parties. So, it is now the time to check out some fun engagement celebration ideas:

Top wedding engagement party ideas for you

  1. Wine Tasting Party

An occasion becomes elegant and more sophisticated with the presence of wine. When it comes to engagement party, you cannot ignore wine. In fact, you can represent wine in your party in an innovative way. For that reason, wine tasting party is good idea for engagement. Taste your favorite wine and give yourself mouth littering treat. At the same time, your guests will definitely like it. Wine tasting party could be an expensive idea, and thus you need to plan it with precision. If you are seeking low budget solutions for wedding engagement party themes, then wine tasting party is not the best deal.

  1. Rooftop Engagement Party

If you are thinking something exotic for your wedding engagement party themes, then surely rooftop party is a good idea. Choose a nice location for arranging your rooftop party, and it should be exotic or out of the world. You can choose a posh hotel at countryside or a hotel at a calm hill station. The more exotic natural ambiance is, the better your party will be. For a rooftop party, you need small number of guest. If rooftop is too crowded then it may become boring as well as uncomfortable for all guests. Another notable thing is that choosing a location out the town may cause communication gaps with guests. You need to arrange pickup and drop services for all guests.

  1. Chocolate and Champagne Party

Engagement is a special occasion and hence you need to arrange for something special, unique and exotic. Many people often get confused and ideas seem to get limited when it comes to wedding engagement dinner ideas. The dinner should match the theme of your party. For example, if it is a beach party, then dinner should be exotic sea foods or continental dishes. But, if you are thinking about something unique, then chocolate and champagne themed party could be excellent idea. Obviously guests will love champagne and chocolate, along with other dinner arrangements. Mostly importantly, presence of these two precious items will make your engagement party special and precious.

Chocolate Champagne Party

  1. BBQ Engagement Party

Everyone loves to savor fresh, spiced and hot BBQ meats. So, why not make your engagement party turn into a perfect BBQ party. It will additionally keep you free of anxieties regarding wedding engagement dinner ideas. Breads, BBQ meats, salad, sauce, etc. will definitely be loved by your guests. Furthermore, in BBQ, you should keep different types of meats, including turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, etc. The more variation of meats that you can give, your guests will feel better. A barbecue themed engagement party is worth enjoying and your guests will surely appreciate.

  1. Beach Engagement Party

When it comes to party ideas for engagement, beach party is pretty famous and common. Hence, no prize is there for this type of party idea, as it is already popular. Though it is common, but it is famous and popular – people just love beach themed parties. So, it can still be regarded as one of the best wedding engagement party ideas. In a beach themed party, you have several things to include for the satisfaction of guests. Though the idea of beach party is common, but you can make it unique with some innovative additions. There should be an awesome cake, private area to enjoy bathing in sea water, yachts for sea ride, wine, excellent dinner, campfire and many more.

Top wedding engagement party ideas for you

  1. Party on a Cruise

Make your engagement party more enjoyable to the guests with a party on the cruise. A cruise is a luxurious ship, where should enough places to hold a small party. Cruises also offer accommodation, but in limited number. Overall, it is unique and surely a good idea to arrange an engagement party at a luxurious cruise.