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Best Wedding Trip Ideas

Best wedding trip ideas

Are you fond of traveling? Is it same for your partner too? If the answer is yes, then you can think about the wedding trip ideas. This is best for those people who love the thrill of various adventures. Are you continuously dreaming of visiting some new places with your partner? Then complete your wedding function while you are travelling around the world. Sounds interesting? Then incorporate the travel theme with your wedding occasion. Carry some DIY feel, some maps and some few globes, with which you can do a beautiful and amazing wedding which will enhance the sense of your adventure.

Some gorgeous wedding trip ideas

In this article you will be able to get various beautiful wedding trip ideas to make your wedding special. These tips also go with the wedding anniversary trip ideas.

  • Global centerpieces:

You can use the globes as a highlighted stuff with some classic and vintage books. You can also carry some simple and plain name tags which will be an elegant and easy way to explain your guests about your honeymoon which is going to be the best one ever!

  • The beautiful suitcase cake:

This cake has both the features of fondant suitcases and maps for the incredible and amazing huge piece of beautiful art.

Best wedding trip ideas

Have you an immense love for your hometown? Then you can travel to your hometown to complete your entire wedding ceremony. This is also one of the best trip ideas for couples.

  • Wrapped Bouquets:

Flower is the most significant stuff for a wedding.  So you can choose this charming décor which is a bit inexpensive. So, try to wrap some beautiful flowers with the vintage maps.

  • Pin your place:

You can ask your guests to put any pin on the map from where they belong, instead of distributing any guestbook. This is really a cool way to show everyone about your globetrotting family. This article will give you many wedding trip ideas.

  • Cheery and Bright:

You can select the contrast trend to give your wedding a unique look. It will be very different and cool idea, if you choose various vibrant colors and some mismatched tableware which will add an instant charm in your wedding ceremony. You have to make sure that the globes which you have kept on the tables are not too long, as it can hamper the conversation session of the guests.

Best wedding trip ideas

  • Inspiration from the aviation:

Have you know anyone who has a tiny plane? You can easily hire that to make your wedding more unique and adventurous. You can embrace the spirit of the flight and can include the airstrip in to your wedding.

  • Make heart garlands from map:

Take some old maps and cut them in the shape of little heart and join them with a string. It will create a beautiful heart garland with which you can decorate your wedding room in a wonderful way.

  • Shoot your travelling wedding:

The memories of wedding are always very special for a couple. So, if you want to keep them framed in, then you can arrange a photo session while you are travelling at the time of your wedding. This will be the best memory which you will cherish forever. You can also use a little airfield to get some beautiful pictures. This is also applicable for the wedding anniversary trip ideas.

Best wedding trip ideas

  • Luggage tags:

You can use some elegant and classy baggage tags instead of escort card. It will be a perfect idea for your unique wedding.

  • Compass favors:

You can present compass that has been plated with gold to each of your guest as the return gift.  It will be a very pretty stuff for them.

  • Dessert table:

 You can decorate your dessert table with various cute and beautiful cakes. The colorful and creative desserts will enhance the charm of your wedding. The cutouts of the fondant city will make you amazed.

  • Send off notes:

You can allow your guests to write down the name of their favorite destination to help you out in choosing the best honeymoon place for you.

  • Invitation of your wedding:

The hand written letters and the color palette on the invitation card will be a very unique and modern way to invite someone.

  • Trunk décor:

If possible, then you can arrange some old trunks and put them around the bar, dessert table or the gift table. It will give a very classy and vintage look to your wedding venue.

  • Classic travel wedding:

Through this type of wedding you will be able to give your wedding a vintage look and feel.

  • Weekend trip ideas:

Before returning at your place, you can also go for a weekend trip. There are various Weekend trip ideas available on the internet; if necessary you can check them for once.  This can be also the best trip ideas for couples.

Thus, this article will be very helpful for the newly married couples and the couples who are going to get hitched very soon.