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Wedding Ring Buying Guide

wedding ring buying guide

A wedding ring is supposed to be the first step to wedlock. Exchanging the rings we are suppose to lock our wedding and our love. So it ought to be special. There are so many other points to deal before a wedding that spending huge amount of time wondering how to pick out a wedding ring is not creditable enough. So here is a short guide to choose the best wedding ring from the rest.

How to pick out a wedding ring

How to pick out a wedding ring that wows everyone

  • Explore your fiancé’s style: the top most priority is to understand and respect your fiancé’s fashion preference. It’s always advisable not to jump into a conclusion and invest blindly into the costliest piece when trying to pick outjewelry Since he or she will be carrying the ring for a lifetime, research well as to the taste and liking of your fiancé. It’s a famous proverb that a diamond is a women’s best friend but nowadays people prefer something diverse and innovative. You may gift other precious stone rather than pick out diamond ring . The band you choose should match with the stone. The metal can be anything from white gold, yellow gold to platinum. Just try to delight your wedding partner by gifting what they have always dreamt of.
  • Try to keep it a surprise: many would be couple spend time shopping for the ring together. Lately the trend was to exchange bands with similar stone, metal and from the same brand. But nothing better than seeing the amazing blush on your fiancé’s cheeks, hopefully the pleasant one. Always be thoughtful and romantic while picking the affordable engagement rings. You may check out their preference by articulating something completely different and see the reaction. But don’t speak the originality of the ring.
  • Research well as to know your fiancé’s Ring size: the last thing on earth you would like to do is spending time exchanging the ring. To ignore the last minute rush, start researching the ring size way ahead of your D day. You may try and take the help of your would be in-laws. Or for the matter of fact start strengthening your relationship with your sister in law or brother in law with shopping for the ring together. Common friends can be helpful too. Ask them to either hand you over some old ring of your fiancé or best will be to pick outjewelry from her latest ring collection. . This can never go wrong, as you don’t want to screw yourself searching for the ring fallen off from his or her fingers while the ring exchange ceremony. So, knowing how to pick out a wedding ring is important.
  • Budget your jewelry shopping: first thing first, always plan the amount you want to spend on the wedding ring. There is no harm in planning an affordable engagement rings and spend the extra bucks in your honeymoon destination. Planning your budget will also help you to narrow down your selection when you enter the jewelry shop. The stone size, the metal of the band will all depend on the budget. When you state your budget to the sales person at the shop, he or she will be more adept to advice you. But keep it in mind not to compromise on your choice since this ring will be for forever. It’s not always the amount of money that matters, but the love and concern with which you choose the ring matters a lot.

How to pick out a wedding ring

  • Selecting the quality of the stone: choosing a diamond ring is always the safest and easiest. If you have decided to go for a diamond, always check on the four C’s. Carat weight, color, clarity and cut. These factors will also depend on your budget since the weight or size of the stone does matter on the depth of your pocket. Along with the Carat weight, see the color and the cut you want. Also check for the clarity as clarity is directly proportionate to the quality of diamond. Knowing how to pick out a wedding ring will always ease out the wedding process. As for other precious stones too, these for 4 C’s matters a lot, though the color will be fixed for colors precious stone. You may choose a turquoise, or a ruby red. You may also gift according to sun sigh and the stone that suits the most. Also if you are to pick out diamond ring, it comes in different shapes, like round, princess, pear, oval or heart shape. Also the stone settings are different, Tiffany setting, Bezel setting, eternity bands. Research well before you go out to shop, you may even try online shopping.

How to pick out a wedding ring

Selecting the best ring and as per the desire of your partner is a matter of luck to. There are other factors too after the purchase. Like to insure the ring and the stone, keep the bill of the ring well protected, know the exchange policy, choosing the brand you want to purchase. Hopefully the points mentioned above help you to go choose the best.