Planning small, holding wedding on a budget without painful cuts and wasteful expenditure is a prudent proposition.  For gaining more ideas, consulting your elders, relatives and friends would be much rewarding. Marriage planners also would come in handy to achieve your wedding within your budget, without compromising the core ceremonies. Brides and grooms mostly in their twenties, and who might not be with rich finances, would take this concept as a boon.

Impressed by the logic, many countries including the USA, Canada and the UK are conducting weddings on a budget, though the budget varies depending upon the wealth of the individuals.

This wedding on a budget is the  gateway to planned living, free from loans and commitments. You can be ready to receive your children and own a house in a peaceful way.

What are those tips that make wedding economical? Some salient techniques, touching most items of the function, are narrated here for your benefit.

Wedding on a Budget – Seek wedding help:

Discuss with your close friends and relatives that you would be happier with their intangible services than with gifts. The help can be in any form according to their talent- preparing and serving dishes, welcoming people, entertaining them with music, taking photographs and videos, and seeing them off with warmth.

Print your own Invitations:

Using quality home printers, you can print simple and quality invitations yourself without much cost. Otherwise, you can have them printed from some specific companies who are out printing cheap, but stylish.

Prune your guests list:

Understand you can not invite everybody around you. The less the number, the more you can make the guests comfortable making the event itself more intimate. So, think, and rethink about the list and arrive at the minimum. This means minimum expenditure.

Compare and shop the dresses:

Don’t mind trying a number of shops. Consult beforehand about the choice colors, select the dresses yourself-low price and high quality- and distribute them to your family members. This obviates unnecessary spat. Don’t customize dresses as they will cost you high.

Wedding On A Budget, The Gateway To Planned Living

Rent tuxedos:

Should you need, rent these jackets on a group basis as the rent then would be cheap. Or, think of black suits or good formal wears from home for all the groomsmen.

Distribute Vendor publicity cards:

You distribute these cards to the guests publicizing the service providers like caterers, photographers, decorators and transporters for your function. In return, you can get reduced rates for their services.

Use your own Stereo Equipments:

In order to make the function mellifluous, you can arrange playing choice songs using your own stereo set or borrowing one from your friend. This saves a great deal of money.

Arrange your own supply of drinks:

An inevitable part of your wedding, supply of drinks takes away major chunk of your budget. So, with the permission of the venue holder, you arrange supply of hot drinks yourself. This is a great money-saver.

Draft music party from University:

Music and instrument playing teams might be available in the nearby colleges. For more exposure they may give performance and charge low. You can enquire and fix such troupes for performance in your wedding function which will lesson your financial outgo.

For photography also, you can follow similar procedure so that overall expenditure will become less. The fact is that many talented musicians, instrumentalists and photographer students are available in many universities.

Buying decorative materials:

Decoration companies sell their materials all through the year with discounts at some time. You have to grab such times for making the purchase which will help your wedding on a budget.

Likewise, you can go in for second-hand materials from the sites of earlier functions if their condition is good.

Take the Ladies’ Auxiliary for help:

Churches have Ladies’ Auxiliary groups for rendering help. You can enlist their services for making preparations. A small donation for their charitable causes would suffice for this. The saving, no doubt, helps your purse.

Wedding On A Budget, The Gateway To Planned Living

Avoid groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts:

Your function  is going to be a wedding on a budget which everybody knows. So, avoid giving gifts to your groomsmen and bridesmaid, and this will not be misunderstood. You however write a ‘thanks letter’ to them which will be accepted wholeheartedly.

Spend less on flowers:

Though flowers and their scent are mesmerizing despite their short life, your avowed wedding budget demands you spend minimum of flowers. For example, a single rose for each bridesmaid and a small bouquet for the bride will carry forward the function with the usual tempo and sanctity. If you know the technique, you can make the bouquet yourself after purchasing roses alone, bringing a saving.

Hold the wedding at home or outdoors:

Avoid renting a venue. On the other hand, celebrate it at your or relative’s home, or in a park with protection against the vagaries of weather. This saves sizeable chunk of money.

Catering: This is a very expensive part of a wedding. So, use your family members and relatives, or a family-owned restaurant for making food preparation. This helps keep the wedding on a budget.