Wedding is such a special day that the girls always look forward for this day since their early ages. And, when it finally comes, they have to consider many things to present themselves in the most beautiful way on the threshold of entering a new life. On the day of wedding each and every girl wants to be absolutely relaxed and pampered. With many eyes continuously focusing on the bride during the ceremony it becomes vital that other than the bridal dress and accessories a bride must also have the right wedding hair styles so that she can feel at her best. On any other occasion your hair style does not matter so much as you will not be constantly photographed and see the snaps in the future. But during your wedding ceremony you are the source of all attractions and, therefore, must have a matching hair style that goes well with your personality.

How to have perfect wedding hair styles to look beautiful on the big day

Matching wedding hair styles with your hair types

Before getting prepared to do the perfect hair style for your hair you must relax, take a deep breath and consider the type of your hair. It is never wise to fight with the nature and so you must do such hair style only that is right for the type of hair you have.

  • Wedding hair styles for long hairs: Having long hairs means you are bestowed with plenty of material to work with. You can go for a pony tail in case you have hairs that touch the shoulder or go beyond. You may also opt for pulling it up.
  • Thick hairs: With thick hairs you can opt for twisting braiding as a formal style than leaving it down. But this type of hairs must be straightened first and then curled for ensuring control.
  • Curly Hairs: Natural curls are very nice to watch and as such you should not ditch it by forced straightening. You should blow up the curls and adorn it with a bobby pin to make a perfect style.
  • Straight hairs: In case you go for curling make those big and loose so as to avoid falling after some hours. Or you can get a one-sided low bun showing the fabulous texture.
  • Wedding hair styles for short hairs: Short hairs are very easy to manage and there are many interesting ways to style your short hairs. You can opt for curly wedding updo for imparting a romantic look or can have a braided bob or simply manage it with a wedding band.
  • Wedding hair styles for oily hairs: For oily or greasy hairs it is better not to let it down. You can do a Messy French Twist or opt for the tuck and role style adorned with a matching hair band.

How to have perfect wedding hair styles to look beautiful on the big day

Points to consider while styling hairs

Wedding hair styles have undergone many changes with time and choosing the right wedding hair styles is vital for a stunning look. You must, therefore, consider the followings for selecting the right style.

  • Match with the dress: The key point is to match the hair do with the wedding dress. First choose a dress that presents you best and then match your hair style with it for the most glamorous look. In case you wear a dress with many beads and embellishments your hair style could be simple to put it in the rear seat; but if you have a simple wedding dress you can have a gorgeous hair do for complementing the dress.
  • Choose realistic option: Hair styling is done to make you look good. But, you must go along with the nature of your hairs and choose the hair style that is the best for your type of hair as fighting with the impossible often leads to disastrous results.
  • Flexibility is the key: Wedding hair styles have paramount influence in determining the personality of the bride and therefore you must weigh all the options available for finalizing the one that looks the best.
  • Allow time for creation: Each and every hair style requires considerable amount of time and, therefore, you should spare enough time and do not do any unnecessary hurry up while creating the style.
  • Consider stability: Whatever wedding hair styles you may do, be sure that it should be able to hold throughout the ceremony; especially if there is a lot of dancing program. It is always better to have a trial run. It also allows you to see how you look doing the particular hair style and you can make changes, if required.
  • Think if it is comfortable: Whatever style you may opt for, you should think whether you will feel comfortable with that throughout the long hours of the wedding ceremony.

How to have perfect wedding hair styles to look beautiful on the big day