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Planning a Wedding – A Great Way To Start Your Married Life

Planning A Wedding – A Great Way To Start Your Married Life

To start with, you deserve to be congratulated for getting married. Well, it is a grand ceremony for sure and you should like to take care of every tiny thing in order to make it a successful and memorable one. However, planning a wedding might turn out to be a hectic job to carry on especially if you are planning things on your own. Of course there is a smarter choice of appointing a wedding planner for the same. But if you are determined to do your wedding planning personally then here are some tips that might come handy.

Useful tips for planning a wedding:

In order to plan a wedding with perfection you need to gather yourself and go strategically and step-by-step. Grab a notebook and write down the following points accordingly. These key points or tips need to be there at your checklist and put a tick against each of them as you are done with it.

Set your budget first

Setting up a budget while planning a wedding should be the first and foremost consideration of yours. Do not let the imaginations take over your economic condition and set your budget for the grand occasion wisely. Visit several stores and compare the prices of things offered by them. You can also focus on DIY stuffs which can eventually cut down the unnecessary expenses. Do not spend a hell lot of money on any certain item as it might affect your overall fixed budget.

Make a guest list

Putting up a proper guest list is another unavoidable part of a successful wedding planning. Assume the names of the possible guests both of you are expecting to have for the grand day. Shortlist their names on the basis of priorities……ensure inviting only close friends, relatives and family members. Limiting your guest list further can cut down the cost and fix in the budget for other necessary things. Getting final count will help you get a complete budget for foreseen expenditure viz souvenirs, venue, drinks and food items.

Decide the wedding location

Planning A Wedding – A Great Way To Start Your Married Life

The venue of your wedding and reception is again an important thing you should consider in your wedding plans especially if it’s a destination one. Like many couples, you can follow the old tradition and choose church as the wedding area……after all getting married in front of the God is a great idea. Otherwise you can plan the special day on a big hall or open garden at the back of your home and then reception in the same place.

If you are high on budget and would like to have destination wedding then a sea beach or a grand hotel will really be a good choice. You can also make plans for your wedding in some other place which both you and your spouse like. There itself you can go ahead with the reception party.

Planning A Wedding – A Great Way To Start Your Married Life

Decide a wedding theme

When you plan a wedding, don’t forget to pick up a theme as it is also a key consideration. There are a number of couples who prefer having a theme for the big day. But the thing is if you have a theme on mind then will have to concentrate on your activities, decorations and other things set accordingly. Focus on other necessary things coordinating with your theme.

Plan for menu items

Planning A Wedding – A Great Way To Start Your Married Life

To decide on the menu, you will again have to think the number of guests invited. Of course, you need to plan out the whole meal course within the budget set. Going for catering is not at all a bad idea if you are ok with the budget. Do consult the caterers about the cuisines to go on with the theme and rock your party as well. Or else while making the wedding plans, ask someone having great cooking skills to prepare delicacies for the event. In both the cases, make sure to keep a big wedding cake to act as the centerpiece and a great tribute.

Prepare a need-to-be-done list

Planning A Wedding – A Great Way To Start Your Married Life

Once you have made all the plans for your wedding, ensure to jot them down on a paper so you don’t forget a small thing. You can either list them into different areas or categories such as the Groom’s requirements, Bride’s requirements, venue, cuisines etc which will help you to understand better.

Seek help from near and dear ones

Planning A Wedding – A Great Way To Start Your Married Life

After you are all done with the aforesaid stuffs, you can surely ask for some helping hands from your friends and family. Being said earlier that planning a wedding all by you may turn out to be a mammoth task to carry out. You can also keep your ears open for their valuable inputs on this ground. These people may also assist you in arranging things from their preferred places which can end up in saving some bucks as well.


Planning for a wedding is a tough thing to do. But if you plan out everything in proper way then this won’t be a problem at all. Enjoy your big day!