The engagement parties are a memoir of a lifetime. They are for both the bride and the bridegroom to be and also their family and friends.  Hence these parties should be made interesting as well as engaging. Wedding engagement party games are the best way to keep the guests engaged as well as make the celebration eventful. Another aim of such parties should be to bring the family members of both the side close and help them come to know each other. Generally the couple to be will be busy with other planning and executions; hence any of the family members or close friends can plan the engagement party games and activities. But remember to always consult the couple as they should be aware what’s about to come. To plan some of the best engagement party games, below you will find some of the best party games for wedding engagement. The whole motive is to enjoy and have fun, so keeping the games tasteful and engaging.

Best wedding engagement party games

The couple must have invited the guest as per their list. Some couples keep their event small and private and others invite a whole lot of guests. Whatever be the case, always try and engage most of them with wedding engagement party games. If the guest list is big then divide them into groups and teams and thus you will be able to engage all with some of the engagement party games for large groups.

  1. Wedding engagement party games on how well the family members or friends know the Bride and Groom?
  • This is one of the very engaging and fun engagement party games for large groups, keeping everybody alert and answering.
  • Make a set of ten to twenty questions on the groom and the bride individually and also take the answers beforehand.
  • Ask the family members or the friends about these questions, like favorite place, or hobby or band and let them answer.
  • You may arrange it in team wise and the team who answers most of them is declared the winner.
  • You may ask them to write down separately and check for the winner at the end. The winner gets some party favors.

Different wedding engagement party games for you

2) Guessing the Couple

  • This game can also be played in a group or individually.
  • Make a bowl full of couple names, they may be famous or from family.
  • An individual comes forward and asks the rest of the teams to guess the couple.
  • The guesser can ask upto 20 sets of clue questions to recognize the couple and boil down to one answer.
  • The winner is the team who answers in least number of questions.

3) Knowing your guests

  • As the couple to narrate special facts or uniqueness of each guest
  • Make a list and make many copies of this list.
  • Hand the list over to most guests and ask them to write the name of the guest beside each of these special facts, characters or uniqueness for which they are famous for.
  • The person who answers the most is the winner.
  • The objective of such engagement party games and activities is to let everybody know each other.

4)  Questions for the newly wedded couple

  • This game divides the full group into two big groups. One that of bride’s side and other that of groom’s side
  • Each guest is allowed to write a question for the opponent team. Like the bride’s side guest may ask the grooms side about the bride’s favorite actor, or name of the first pet.
  • A white board is set up for everyone to look at except the couple.
  • Questions are asked one by one, first to the bride then the groom.
  • They write the answers on the board and then later the answers are matched.
  • The side wins who gets the most correct answers.

Different wedding engagement party games for you

5)  Set of two true and one lie statement

  • This game engages the whole group and can be played instantaneously.
  • Each guest speaks three statements about himself or herself. Like I love pink, I love pets, I love shopping.
  • Out of this two should be true and one should be a complete lie.
  • The others in the group will have to guess the statement which is a lie actually.
  • This is the best way to let the group know each other and instantaneously gel.
  • This is one of the best engagement party games for a big group.

Different wedding engagement party games for you

Other games can also be included like picture matching or questions based on couples past. Such games will always help to know the couple as well as the family members and friends. The object of such games is always to let everyone open up and know each other. Weddings do bring the couple close but weddings are also for the family and friends to know each other. At the end they only make the support group.